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Capital City Regiment

 Marching Showband

Marching band is a great way to become active, and the activity additionally gives youth an excellent vehicle they can use to express themselves artistically in new performance settings. This newfound expression allows students to discover a whole new world of music, motion and pageantry. Improvements in the raw artistic abilities of a marching band member are undeniable, but that is only one piece of the puzzle; there are countless other benefits from the marching arts that will give the members tools for success in their personal lives.

Marching band improves the academic success of those involved. Studies show that playing music provides access to more channels in the brain, which results in greater academic achievement. Add the memorization of music as well as movement, and the gateways to diverse thinking all but burst at the seams, creating higher thinking in individuals, and a broader understanding of multiple subjects. A large percentage of marching members also go on to receive post-secondary education so they may work in skilled industries, helping to move our world forward by offering their unique skill set to their professions. 
Beyond the educational, financial and athletic benefits, there exist many social opportunities. The first and foremost of these is the forging of lifelong friendships between members who participate in marching band. 
The members will have the opportunity to meet weekly with a group of people who work in solidarity with the same interests and goals in mind, first sharing their love for music and later sharing their passion for the precision that is demanded in marching band. The band truly becomes a living, breathing organism because of its members. These individuals learn about accountability and the effort that is required to keep the organism alive. They learn the importance of hard work and dedication towards achieving their goals. They come to understand that a bare minimum effort will earn them a bare minimum result and they learn that persistence will break down boundaries and allow for a better chance of success in their endeavours; in the band world and in the workforce. 

A substantial reason for a band’s success is not merely the result of the effort of the instructional staff, but that of the band's leaders. The leadership team, consisting of Section Leaders and Drum Majors give the band specific leaders and mentors who they can look up to for guidance. These members will learn to lead by example, putting into practice the philosophy that people will "do as they do, not as they say." By emulating the trait of leaders who seek to be emulated, even more leaders throughout the group will be created from the other, less-experienced band members, the "followers". This cycle leads to the inevitable result that the band will at this point become a veritable team of empowered individuals who will work toward a common goal. These motivated, self-confident leaders propagate their ability to lead into their everyday lives; at home, at school and at work.    

Marching band teaches youth the importance of teamwork, dedication, hard work and communication to create more than just excellent musicians and dancers; the lessons learned can empower average individuals to develop an understanding of the importance of “team” simply by doing amazing things as that team. Marching band is nothing more than a group of ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things.    

For more on the band, visit our website at and our Facebook page. 

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