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About Visiting Bands Committee

The Visiting Bands Committee primary function is to help provide accommodation, meals and transportation for bands visiting Calgary for the Calgary Stampede. We coordinate appearances for the bands throughout Calgary during the 10 days of Stampede. These appearances include performances at Stampede Caravans breakfasts, venues on Stampede Park and performances at community events. The Visiting Bands Committee also hosts Showbands Live, a marching band competition held on the first Sunday and Tuesday during Stampede.

Why come to the Calgary Stampede?
If your band decides to join us at the Stampede, we will attempt to alleviate some travel hardships for participating bands by providing each visiting band with:
  • Free gym style accommodation (as space permits).
  • Free transportation to and from Stampede performances.
  • Breakfast performances which include a free meal for the band members.
  • Free admission to the Stampede Park for qualifying bands to enjoy the entertainment the Stampede provides.
  • Inexpensive and wholesome meals during the band's stay.
In addition your band can participate in many performances throughout the city for thousands of spectators. Showbands Live takes place at McMahon Stadium and the Calgary Stampede Parade is televised World-wide and is seen by over 350,000 spectators lining our city streets and millions more on live televised broadcasts.

Within our city and close by your band's Calgary tour can include:
  • Enjoying an afternoon at the world famous rodeo.
  • Watching our Chuckwagon Races followed by the Evening Stage Show Spectacular & fireworks finale.
  • Whitewater rafting in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Exploring Banff National Park.
  • Visiting the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum.
Our committee provides visiting bands with a personal Stampede Host that is available to assist you with booking performances and visits to these and other great locations in the Calgary area.

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