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Online application is now available. Please click here to apply online. 

Please email other requests to our and we will get back to you ASAP.

Application Deadline:

Now accepting applications for Stampede 2019 and beyond. Although there is no specific deadline for applications, please be aware that many events, are filled on a first come, first served basis. So apply early to ensure your opportunity to perform in the events you would like to take place in.

** The entries for the Calgary Stampede Parade are chosen based multiple criteria. These decisions are made in conjunction with the Parade committee and not solely by the Visiting Bands committee. The entries in the Stampede Parade ARE NOT based on application order. However, entries in the Parade are selected as much as 1 year in advance, so apply early for your best chance to perform in the world famous Calgary Stampede Parade. **

Resumes for future years must be received by April 30th of the year for which you are applying.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance must be received no later than May 31 of the year for which you are applying. Bands without proof of insurance by this date will NOT be accepted to the Stampede.

Is your band already set to attend this year's Stampede or another year in the future? Fantastic! You can reserve your spot in the Stampede now by completing our online or downloadable PDF application form. It is advised to use the online application process for the most up to date information.

Application Requirements

As you might expect, we receive numerous requests from bands to attend the Calgary Stampede each year. While we would love to see every band that applies come to Calgary, we must have certain restrictions and requirements in place to ensure that we are able to produce the top-quality experience that our visitors have come to expect at the Calgary Stampede. What follows is a list of basic requirements that bands must meet in order to be considered for participation in Stampede-sponsored events.

  1. The band must have a minimum of 15 performing members, made up of musicians, plus any of the following:
    • Colour guard, dance team, drill team, cheerleaders, and any other performance elements approved by the committee.
  2. Bands participating in the Stampede Parade must be able to modify its marching speed (either speed up or slow down) in order to keep up with the rest of the parade. Bands that are unable to keep up with the parade may be removed from the parade and/or disqualified from competition at the discretion of parade officials.
  3. Bands participating in the Stampede Parade must be fully mobile and parade-ready, without the use of motorized vehicles or pulled platforms, except where these devices are used to aid physically disabled performers.
  4. Bands competing in the Stampede Parade and/or Showbands Live! competition cannot be considered to be "professional." Professional bands may participate in either event in an exhibition role at the discretion of the committee. The definition of what constitutes "professional" will be up to the discretion of the committee.
  5. The number of bands participating in the Stampede Parade varies based on the total number of expected entries and the time allotted for the completion of the parade. In all cases, space is on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to get your application forms in early!

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